"I started training with Carl Rabideau and the team at Palm BJJ in April of 2012.  I have found Mr. Rabideau to be extremely dedicated to the team, to training and to the art itself.  The teammates at Palm are great to train with and ego's are left at the door.  Mr. Rabideau is a great coach and motivator and the workouts are amazing.  At 47 years old I not only maintain a healthy body weight,  I feel i'm in better shape than I was 10 years ago! 


I'm also very excited that Palm BJJ is an official representive of world champion Danny Alvarez from Alvarez BJJ in Arlington TX.  The level of expertise and technique that Mr. Alvarez brings to the team is top notch and second to none.  I recommend Palm BJJ to anyone looking for self defense, competition sport jiu-jitsu or just to increase their level of fitness."


Terry Moon
Saginaw MI

"I started training with Carl and Palm Bjj after taking the jiu jitsu class at Delta and honestly it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I was searching for something that would help me get through the problems life can throw at you as well find something that could help me change as a person, and I must say jiu jitsu has helped me with that, jiu jitsu has showed me things that being challenged both mentally and physically can be hard but with time training, hardwork, and sacrifice you can get through anything not only on the mats but in life itself. I thank jiu jitsu, Carl and my teammates and brothers from Palm Bjj for helping be the person I am today."


John George

"I was invited to Palm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu by a friend. The instructor, Carl, was a very gracious and helpful teacher. I have been taking this class to help my future in MMA and it has helped me learn the basics of Jiu Jitsu very quickly. Carl is always there to help you if you struggle with a certain technique. He is a very patient and kind instructor and would recommend him to anybody of any skill level."


Alex Thieme

"Nakota has loved martial arts of all kinds and has trained for years. He developed a passion for Jiu jitsu right away. We wanted to find a teacher that shared some of the passion and desire to learn. We have only been with Carl for a few months, but it is obvious to both Nakota and I that Carl has both the drive to learn and train. Not only that, but he has the care to do it right and make sure that his team learns right. He also still has the passion for jiu jitsu himself which shows. I am glad that my son has found a teacher that can train him, but also cares for him and not just about jiu jitsu. He cares for the sport and the team equally."


Michelle Fischer-Hawley

"A loosely organized group of students and staff at Delta College began meeting weekly to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2010. Exclusively focused on no-gi training, the group entered in regional competitions and earned a level of respect and success. However, it became evident that the group would plateau if not for enhancements in instruction and training. Carl Rabideau, who had been aware of and trained with the Delta College team, emerged as a primary instructor and leader in 2011.


Through a series of evolutions, Carl has organized a new team, Palm Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Carl's instruction, along with the affiliation with Alvarez BJJ in Arlington, Texas, brings a level of professionalism and respect to the Great Lakes Bay Region. Not only is Carl an outstanding competitor and material artist, he is also a tremendous teacher of BJJ. He takes the time to instruct every student, regardless of their level and physical abilities, and encourages all team members to not only be exceptional Jiu Jitsu practitioners but also better humans. He values respect, honor, service and compassion and the team emulates his model.


On a personal level, I have learned so much about BJJ from Mr. Rabideau and know that I am a better martial artist, athlete and person because of his instruction. Along with Mr. Danny Alvarez (Alvarez BJJ), Carl Rabideau demonstrates the type of character and leadership that are found in only a select few people. I can affirm that my knowledge of the art of Jiu Jitsu along with my patience, respect and compassion as a man, has been enhanced by my being a part of the Palm BJJ team."


Casey J. Cornelius

Grand Rapids, Michigan

"I started training Brazilian jiu-jitsu with Mr. Carl Rabideau in the fall of 2012. An avid mixed martial artist fan seeking to begin training in my first art, I was both excited and nervous on my first day. What I found were not a bunch of bloodthirsty brutes looking to pummel the newbies, but an intense workout with some very peaceful, very controlled group of guys. They were very excited about the art and very welcoming and accepting of me as a newcomer. That's what kept me coming back right off the bat. I found Carl to be an overly exceptional coach. He always pushed me to the max and constantly gave me tips on how to better myself. The best thing I believe that helped nurture my growth in the sport was that he would accept nothing but your best, and he was hard to impress. This attitude always kept me working harder and moving forward. I got in to the best shape of my life. I gained a family of dedicated brothers who were there for me on and off the mats. One of the best decisions of my life as far as I'm concerned."


Tyler Gray

"I started training with Carl years ago and found him to be seriously dedicated to the art of Jiu-Jitsu. He's been a big help to me and the rest of the team as well. Mr. Rabideau sacrifices a lot for us and its good to have him as an instructor and coach. I've been able to stay in pretty good shape training at Palm BJJ and have developed good friendships with the team. I recommend Palm to anyone looking to get in shape, learn to protect themselves if need be, challenge themselves mentally, physically and to become a good part of a positive growing team."


Roy Smith

Saginaw, MI

"Having trained at Palm BJJ for a few months now, I can say that I LOVE this place! As a physical education teacher who is now in my 40's I am always seeking ways to stay in shape.  I have found nothing better than Jiu-Jitsu to accomplish this. Not only do i train at Palm BJJ, but my wife and 8 year old son do as well.  The head instructor Mr Carl Rabideau is an amazing and skilled instructor who has an obvious passion for what he does.  My family and I are inspired and motivated by his teaching. In addition, everyone on the team has been helpful and welcoming to all of us. I highly recommend Palm bjj to ANYONE seeking to get in shape, learn self defense, compete, or just have a great time!"


Joe Barber

Bay City, MI